140 x 200cm

Oil on Linen


2016 Doug Moran semi finalist

2016 Portia Geach Memorial Award finalist

Renowned for her incredible, angelic vocal range, Katie Noonan is one of Australia’s leading musical figures. As a formally trained singer, songwriter, producer and pianist, her heartfelt work is cherished across Australia and the world. At the time I approached Katie, she was touring the release of her new album ‘With Love and Fury’ accompanied by the British string quartet, the Brodsky Quartet. The album honoured the work Australian poet, Judith Wright. The album’s 10 piece song cycle was considered a fusion between the quartet and Katie, bringing together works from 10 renowned Australian creative writers who composed the music. I chose to paint Katie because of who she is beyond the stage. Her capacity to collaborate and bring together many artists across disciplines is skilfully realised with such sincerity and devotion. Amongst her ongoing musical collaborations, Katie has been selected for the role of Creative Director for the Queensland Music Festival for 2017-19 and was Musical Director for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, which she also performed at.

“For me the magic of creativity happens in the space between notes, in the intangible, the inexplicable. It can not be planned. You are open and you receive. When I first saw Tess’s work I felt like she was distilling that moment into spectacular visual form and I was deeply honoured she chose me as her subject. Like Tess, I am inspired by the majestic and noble strength and beauty of our First Nation community and I dearly hope a time of true respect and learning is imminent. Judith Wright wished the same thing and we were discussing her profound words when we had this sitting. I feel this painting captures that yearning beautifully” – Katie Noonan

This original artwork is available for acquisition