Lily portrait


150 x 150cm

Oil on Canvas


2016 Mosman Art Prize finalist

2018 Percival Portrait Painting Prize finalist

I was inspired to paint Lily Mungulu after spending time up country (out bush) with the people from Mowanjum. Although this trip was designed to return back to the traditional lands of the Ngarinyin people, some Worrorra and Wunumbal people attended also. The three week outback trip consisted of five troop carriers (Land Rovers), 30 children and 12 adults and elders amongst. I was very fortunate as a guest to experience this rare opportunity, which gave me an incredibly intimate, first hand experience of what it meant to “return to the land”. It was wonderful to see four-year-old Lily, experience her traditional lands for the very first time alongside some of the elders who have grown up on the same country and who, ever so beautifully, understand it may be one of their last returning journeys. This experience made me realise our connection to life across time is realised from our connection to the land and how much of our identity can be discovered there.

This original artwork has been sold.

Limited prints of this artwork can be purchased here.